Steve&RoseCAN Board president Steve Gliessman (Professor Emeritus of Agroecology, UCSC) and CAN Executive Director Roseann Cohen head to Washington, D.C. to attend “Design for Resilience in Smallholder Farming Systems: Symposium and Consultation on Agroecological Principles, Design and Practice.” As keynote speaker, Steve will lay the foundation for agroecological principles and design, providing the foundation for the two days of discussion.

Rose will present a case study of the obstacles to adoption of agroecological principles, using CAN’s experiences in overcoming most of the obstacles faced by changing hunger and poverty through agroecology. Focusing on CAN’s work in rural communities in Central America and Mexico, Rose will present examples of how to work with communities to engage them successfully in agroecological transformation.

Rose is speaking in the session, “Effective Adoption of Agroecological Principles.” The purpose of this session is to offer the opportunity to discuss constraints to wider adoption and diffusion of agroecological practices, especially among smallholders living in marginal areas, and the technical and institutional solutions to overcome them.

The audience for this symposium is staff members from USAID and Private Voluntary Organizations, such as Catholic Relief Services, Save the Children, Mercy Corps, World Vision, ACDI/VOCA, and others who are part of USAID’s Food for Peace Program.