Remembering Madeleine Clare Moore

Madeleine (“Maddy”) Moore was a CAN alumna who passed in 2015. Her father, Mike Moore, credits CAN with having played an important role in Maddy’s life. “She found herself in CAN. Madeleine and her colleagues’ efforts to establish international youth and women empowerment programs have changed the world for the better. CAN’s values reflected Madeleine’s

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FoCAN’s Jessica Arciga’s Report from Intercambio 2015

FoCAN makes an invaluable contribution to Intercambio, CAN’s international youth exchange. In a blog posted on the FoCAN website, Jessica Arciga shares her experience as an Intercambio 20015 intern.

Intercambio was wonderful week spent among 17 youth exchanges from Veracruz & Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico and Esteli & San Ramon, Nicaragua. The week was full of activities

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Steve Gliessman’s Lecture | Edible Education 101

On Monday, March 30, CAN’s Board President and co-founder Steve Gliessman gave a lecture as part of this year’s Edible Education 101. Steve gave an overview of agroecology, using  CAN’s work as an example. There were more than 200 people in attendance. After the lecture, Steve and Mark Bittman, co-host of Edible Education 101, continued

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