Bon Appétit Management Company

Palo Alto, CA

Bon Appétit Management Company is an on-site restaurant company offering full food-service management to corporations, universities, museums, and other specialty venues. Known for its commitment to socially responsible practices, Bon Appétit began offering AgroEco® Coffee at Santa Clara University’s Sunstream Café in September 2012.

Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company

Santa Cruz, California

For 30 years, Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting (SCCR) has been dedicated to achieving roasting perfection. Their small-batch roasting process is designed to bring out the finest subtleties from each of their premium quality coffee varietals. SCCR believes in establishing strong and lasting relationships with the growers worldwide who provide their coffee, with a firm emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility. Their motto is “quality coffee for quality life” – for coffee lovers as well as their farming partners.

Dining Hall, University of California, Santa Cruz

Dining Hall
University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California

Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and Community Partnership: UC Santa Cruz Dining takes our commitment to being sustainable seriously. CAN and UC Santa Cruz Dining have a long history. CAN and AgroEco® Coffee, a pioneering program of campus interns and coffee growers, was the start of UC Santa Cruz’s involvement in sustainable food systems. AgroEco® Coffee is robust, rich, and roasted locally. Students prefer this brew over any other brand that has been offered. AgroEco® Coffee is available at the dining halls, Perk Coffee Bars, and Terra Fresca restaurant.

Ético: The Ethical Trading Company

25 Hamilton Gardens
London, England NW8 9PU

Ético‘s dedication to innovation and equality is reflected in its careful sharing of information, by creating joint analysis of costs, and by building long term trusting relationships with all our stakeholders. We bring cooperatives, companies and organizations together from across the globe to work together for business and development success. Cooperative and charitable stakeholders who share the sustainable vision of the company are invited to purchase shares, creating a pathway for small farmers to have ownership over another link in the supply chain. Ético’s partner cooperatives and British registered charity Social Business Network are its founder shareholders. Social Business Network lends its charitable status to increase the social and environmental impact of the trade through collaboration with academics, gender equality experts, and reputable sustainable development organizations. Other stakeholders include, importers, distributors, retailers, financiers, consumers as well as educational, environmental and development charities.

Ético maximizes stakeholder value with the same discipline as many companies aim to maximize shareholder value. In our work, value may be monetary, social, environmental or cultural.