Our Work

Community Agroecology Network (CAN) is an international organization actively working in regions of Mexico, Central America, and the United States. We have been using an agroecological approach to food systems change for 12 years. Our strategy is driven by community-based action research partnerships. At CAN, agroecology brings together scientists and farmers to produce knowledge and develop practices for a more sustainable food system. While ecologically-sound production practices are at the core of agroecology, they are not viable without vibrant local food economies that foster fair market channels and farmer control of seeds.

Our programs promote:

  • Next generation food systems leaders
  • Just food economies
  • Agroecological management practices
  • Food security and nutrition

Youth leaders during Intercambio May 2019.

Methodology: Participatory Action Research

CAN is committed to combine research and action for social change. CAN’s action research initiatives study the interrelated problems of food security, rural outmigration, agricultural sustainability, and the lack of opportunities for young people in rural areas. CAN researchers partner with communities and local organizations to determine research agendas and methods so that research findings will be relevant and useful. The result — knowledge that inspires action. CAN has placed local youth leaders at the center of on-the-ground strategies in building community food sovereignty.