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CAN has developed an alternative trade model — AgroEco® Coffee — operating under principles of participation and transparency. CAN, U.S. roasters, the importer, producer organizations, and farmers sit at the negotiating table together to bring coffee from Mexico and Nicaragua to the United States. We have guaranteed a higher price than Fair Trade, and the purchase of each pound contributes to a Sustainable Agriculture Fund and a Women’s Unpaid Labor Fund whose investment proceeds are managed collectively by farmers.

We work with farmer organizations in the mountain region of Veracruz, Mexico and in San Ramón, Nicaragua. We build relationships to ensure that what’s behind the cup of coffee is quality of life and quality of bean. We maintain an ongoing relationship with farmer organizations and their members, and collaborate with them on projects to improve food security and socioeconomic well being as well as sustainable agriculture practices.

CAN and its partner organizations jointly monitor the impacts and processes of the AgroEco® Coffee partnership, measuring changes in farming practices, social wellbeing, and environmental health in the communities we partner with, as well as verifying transparency along the commodity chain.

We share our impacts with consumers through the AgroEco® Coffee label. We also invite consumers to visit AgroEco® Coffee farmer communities each year on an organized tour, where they can experience for themselves the impact of long-term relationships and an innovate participation model.

When you see the AgroEco® Coffee logo, you know you can expect:

  • Shade-grown, Arabica coffee beans
  • Higher price for farmers
  • Long-term partnerships
  • Participation and transparency
  • Food security
  • Environmental conservation
  • Women’s economic empowerment.

But the AgroEco® Coffee logo stands for much more. It stands for:

  • Fairness
  • Human dignity
  • Economic justice
  • Environmental conservation
  • Food security

It represents long-term commitments with producer cooperatives and family farmers. BUY AgroEco® Coffee!

AgroEco® Coffee Monitoring & Evaluation Data | 2012-2013 Data

Where to Find AgroEco® Coffee

University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC): The UCSC community can enjoy our delicious AgroEco® Coffee in dining halls and PERK Coffee Bars
Santa Clara University (SCU): Bon Appétit Management Company provides café services to SCU. Known for its commitment to socially responsible practices, Bon Appétit began offering AgroEco® Coffee at SCU’s Sunstream Café in September 2012.
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo: Cal Poly students are working with CAN to bring AgroEco® Coffee to their campus.
Los Bagels Arcata
1061 I Street
Arcata, CA 95521

Los Bagels
403 2nd Street
Eureka, CA 95501

Santa Cruz County
Our local roaster, Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company sells AgroEco® Coffee online, in its retail outlet in Santa Cruz, and to wholesale markets.

Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company                                       
Historic Palomar Arcade 9
1330 Pacific Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA

Purchase AgroEco® Coffee for yourself and your friends. Have it delivered directly to your door. Visit Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company.

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  Community Agroecology Network is working with Grow Ahead to crowdfund to support the second installation of a farmer exchange program around diversification in smallholder coffee systems. The farmer exchange is in partnership with two producer cooperatives:

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Breaking Away From Industrial Food and Farming Systems

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