16th International Agroecology Shortcourse
Santa Cruz, California
July 12–25, 2015

Agroecology, A Global Movement: Tracing Our Roots and Looking Forward

The 16th Annual Agroecology Shortcourse  explored the roots of agroecology as a global movement as well as a science and a practice. Participants examined historical and current issues of social and environmental equity and sustainability that agroecology movements confront all over the world. The course ended with a vision of how to better facilitate cross-fertilization across agroecology movements and overcome obstacles to convergence.

Edible Education 101
UC Berkeley
Monday March 30, 2015

“Sustainable Farming through Agroecology” by Stephen Gliessman with Mark Bittman

Food Security in the Yucatan

Learn more about the 2012 diagnostic study on Food Security in the Yucatan performed by CAN and UIMQRoo for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. This short film illustrates the threats to food security in the region found in the study, as well as possible solutions based on revaluing indigenous food and production cultures through youth leadership.

Seguridad Alimentaria

En este video, aprenda más sobre el estudio realizado en 2012 por CAN y la Universidad Intercultural Maya de Quintana Roo, México (UIMQRoo) sobre la seguridad alimentaria en el estado de Yucatán, México para la Fundación W.K. Kellogg.  Este video corto ilustra las amenazas a la seguridad alimentaria en la región encontrado en el estudio, y también posibles soluciones basadas en el rescate de culturas alimentarias y productivas indigenas a través del liderazgo de jóvenes.