Community Agroecology Network is working with Grow Ahead to crowdfund to support the second installation of a farmer exchange program around diversification in smallholder coffee systems. The farmer exchange is in partnership with two producer cooperatives: CESMACH & PRODECOOP. This is a part of the Coffee Diversification Project, a  3 year long project bringing together academics, researchers, farmers, and cooperative members from the United States, Mexico and Nicaragua for data collection and capacity-building about agro-ecological diversification activities. 

The farmer exchange component seeks support to bring together farmers and cooperative leaders from Mexico and Nicaragua to visit each other’s coffee farms and discuss turning knowledge into action! The first exchange allowed for Mexican farmers, cooperative leaders and researchers to travel to Nicaragua to discuss cooperative gender policy and visit the coffee farms of farmer-experimenters implementing diversification activities in coffee forests, milpas (parcels of corn and beans) and home gardens. We are fundraising for the 2nd Farmer-to-Farmer Exchange in Chiapas, Mexico, which will bring Nicaraguans to Mexico to analyze 3 years of research results together, learn about integrating honey bees into coffee forests and develop tools for cooperatives and coffee farmers to guide decision-making about diversification activities.

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