The Coffee Diversification Project News Round Up

The Coffee Diversification Project

By Rose Cohen

The international market price for coffee has dropped to less than $1/lb—the lowest price since 2006. The 24 million coffee farmers around the world cannot cover their costs of living, much less the cost of production at this price. In addition to volatile markets, farmers confront the volatility

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We are bombarded with non-stop crippling news: a government shutdown over building a steel wall on our southern border while Central American refugees and migrants face criminalization and forced separation from their children. In Mexico, Nescafe is poised to invest $154 million dollars in a new coffee-processing plant in Veracruz, Mexico, which may place downward

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Breaking Away From Industrial Food and Farming Systems

CAN is featured as one of seven case studies of agroecological transition around the world. 

Rome (Italy). The International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food) released a new report, “Breaking away from industrial food and farming systems: Seven case studies of agroecological

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“Ending Seasonal Hunger in Nicaragua” Nominated for Remi Award!

CAN is proud to announce that “Ending Seasonal Hunger in Nicaragua,” has been nominated for a Remi Award at the 51st Annual Independent Film Festival to be held April 20-29 in Houston, Texas. 

The documentary film explores food cultures, farming practices, and innovative solutions to reduce seasonal

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Empowered Women

In the small coffee-growing community of Piedra Parada, tucked into the highlands of Veracruz, Mexico, a small group of business women are engrossed in decision making: what business do they want to start; which skills do they need to learn; and what are they going to do with the funds they have from their other

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