Women coffee farmers in the highlands of Veracruz, Mexico, planted a seed for justice when they collectively decided to create a feminist coffee brand, FEMCAFE. Since 2016, they have used funds from AgroEco’s Women’s Unpaid Labor Fund to make strategic investments in their cooperative and economically empower the women members. CAN has been a steady partner of FEMCAFE throughout the various phases of the cooperative’s development. Today, FEMCAFE grows, roasts, packages, and distributes agroecologically-grown coffee from 150 women through regional markets in Mexico. 

FEMCAFE was featured in TeleSUR,
While participating in CAN-conducted workshops, members of FEMCAFE began to notice their reasons for producing coffee: “Coffee gives (women) a relationship to the environment and a cultural identity,” Denise Garcia Moreno, FEMCAFE leader explains. She points to how the coffee trade for them is “intergenerational” — they gained rural-based knowledge from their parents and grandparents.
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