We are bombarded with non-stop crippling news: a government shutdown over building a steel wall on our southern border while Central American refugees and migrants face criminalization and forced separation from their children. In Mexico, Nescafe is poised to invest $154 million dollars in a new coffee-processing plant in Veracruz, Mexico, which may place downward

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Support CAN’s work.

Growing Justice (GJ), a diverse group of 12-19 year olds from Watsonville, California, meets weekly to learn about the food system and identify what they like about their community, and what they would like to see change. The team’s origins are rooted in the community gardens of Mesa Verde Gardens, and their lived experiences as children

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September 13, 2018: SAVE THE DATE!!!

After two years of collecting community stories, interviews, and planting a season of summer vegetables in River Park, the Growing Justice (GJ) youth team will publicly display their findings via a mobile art exhibit.
GJ, CAN, and Mesa Verde Gardens, in collaboration with the Watsonville Film Festival’s first fall film showing, will

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Ashley’s Story

A Story About Human Dignity in the Face of Economic Poverty.

Emily Cohen Ibañez and a group of experienced women of color filmmakers are focusing their lens on Ashley, one of CAN’s Growing Justice youth, as one example of the rising power of teens today, who in the face of increasing ICE raids are replacing their

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Towards Dialogos de Saberes*: Sharing Knowledge for Food Systems Change

The Power of Storytelling Amid rows of spring mix, petite sprouts, and berry fields, farmworker communities in Watsonville continue to experience high uncertainty in accessing healthy food. Through their research with CAN, the Growing Justice Youth Team has shown that the high cost of housing and barriers to community safety exacerbate hunger and

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CAN Takes Part in First Friday Celebration!

Community Agroecology Network staff, Friends of CAN, and Growing Justice youth had a great night sharing stories and pictures with the Santa Cruz community. A special thank you to Judy Ziegler from Cornucopia Real Estate for hosting CAN!

(left) Mario (seated) from the Growing Justice team

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Growing Justice Project — Spring Roundup

CAN is proud to announce that Ashley Solis-Pavon was selected by the local community as the 2017 Santa Cruz NEXTies “Person under 18.”

Ashley Solis-Pavon, a member of CAN’s youth empowerment project, Growing Justice, was selected by the local community as the 2017 Santa Cruz NEXTies “Person under 18.” Ashley was

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Growing Justice Photo a Winner!

A photo taken of the Growing Justice project by Suraya Arslan, CAN’s Executive and Programs Coordinator, is one of the winners of the Johns Hopkins University Food Policy Networks 2nd annual photo contest.

The photo contest challenged the public to show what food policy looks like in action. One photo could be submitted in each of

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“Women & Youth United for Food Security, Food Sovereignty, and Climate Change Adaptation” | 6th Annual International Youth Exchange for Food Security & Sovereignty

“This network [and these Youth Exchanges] are a source of support for us to not feel alone. A bridge so that we don’t get stuck doing the same thing. !No somos ‘agri-locos’! (We are not agri-crazies!)” cheerfully proclaimed Amy Cruz, a student from the Nicaraguan National University in Jinotega who participated in CAN’s 6th Annual

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Growing Justice Team Travels to Nicaragua: a Spotlight on Ashley-Solis Pavon

After submitting a resume, writing a cover letter, and going through an interview—all for the first time—Ashley was chosen by a selection committee that included CAN staff and her fellow team members to be one of the two representatives from the Growing Justice youth team at CAN’s 6th Annual International Youth Exchange for Food Security &

River Park Garden: An Experimental Collaboratively Authored Film

Community Agroecology Network’s (CAN) Growing Justice youth team collaborated with seven University of California, Santa Cruz undergraduate students from Professor Emily Cohen Ibañez’s Visual Sociology class to produce a 20-minute film, the River Park Garden Film Collective documentary. Under the guidance of Cohen Ibañez, an award-winning professional filmmaker and anthropologist, the student team spent

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Student Project | Using Digital Tools to Map Food Access

Sophia Bassett applied skills that she learned in the Everett Program at UC Santa Cruz when she worked with students in Watsonville, California to produce food access maps. Her update follows.

My partners in this digital mapping project are Community Agroecology Network (CAN), Mesa Verde Gardens, the Everett Program at UC Santa

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