Happy Life Forever – Lessons from Maddy Moore

Madeleine Clare Moore 1988-2015

Maddy was the student coordinator of Intercambio in 2011
and served as an integral part of CAN and FoCAN during her years at UC Santa Cruz.

  During CAN’s 2017 Intercambio, held at UC Santa Cruz, the Moore family donated a beautiful mosaic table and benches as a memorial for their daughter/sister/friend,

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Remembering Madeleine Clare Moore

Madeleine (“Maddy”) Moore was a CAN alumna who passed in 2015. Her father, Mike Moore, credits CAN with having played an important role in Maddy’s life. “She found herself in CAN. Madeleine and her colleagues’ efforts to establish international youth and women empowerment programs have changed the world for the better. CAN’s values reflected Madeleine’s

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“Women & Youth United for Food Security, Food Sovereignty, and Climate Change Adaptation” | 6th Annual International Youth Exchange for Food Security & Sovereignty

“This network [and these Youth Exchanges] are a source of support for us to not feel alone. A bridge so that we don’t get stuck doing the same thing. !No somos ‘agri-locos’! (We are not agri-crazies!)” cheerfully proclaimed Amy Cruz, a student from the Nicaraguan National University in Jinotega who participated in CAN’s 6th Annual

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Growing Justice Team Travels to Nicaragua: a Spotlight on Ashley-Solis Pavon

After submitting a resume, writing a cover letter, and going through an interview—all for the first time—Ashley was chosen by a selection committee that included CAN staff and her fellow team members to be one of the two representatives from the Growing Justice youth team at CAN’s 6th Annual International Youth Exchange for Food Security &

Growing Coffee Food Forests | Youth Network Regional Exchange

April 13-19, 2015: Nicaragua

The first internal capacity building exchange of CAN’s network this year took place the week of April 13-19, 2015.  More than 25 women and youth leaders from CAN’s partner organizations VIDA AC in Veracruz, Mexico, PRODECOOP and CII-ASDENIC in Las Segovias, Nicaragua, and the UCA San Ramón in San Ramón, Nicaragua joined

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FoCAN’s Jessica Arciga’s Report from Intercambio 2015

FoCAN makes an invaluable contribution to Intercambio, CAN’s international youth exchange. In a blog posted on the FoCAN website, Jessica Arciga shares her experience as an Intercambio 20015 intern.

Intercambio was wonderful week spent among 17 youth exchanges from Veracruz & Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico and Esteli & San Ramon, Nicaragua. The week was full of activities

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“Restoring our Roots, Reclaiming our Labor” | 5th Annual International Youth Exchange for Food Security & Sovereignty


In February 2015, the Community Agroecology Network (CAN) held the 5th Annual International Youth Exchange for Food Security and Sovereignty —“El Intercambio”— in collaboration with its partner organizations in Mexico and Central America: UCA San Ramón (Augusto Cesar Sandino Union of Agricultural Cooperatives), VIDA, A.C. (Agroecological Connection and Development), ASDENIC

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Interview with Adriana Murguia, FoCAN Intercambio Event Coordinator

The February issue of the UC Santa Cruz Sustainability Office features an interview with Adriana Murguia, Friends of CAN’s (FoCAN’s) Intercambio Event Coordinator. Adriana discusses how her work supports sustainability efforts. Click here to read the interview and here to learn more about CAN’s 2015 Intercambio.

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CAN’s 4th Annual Youth Exchange – A Success!

CAN’s 4th Annual Youth Exchange or Intercambio took place from May 15-23, 2014, in the coffee-growing highlands of Veracruz, México. The Youth Exchange brought 32 youth leaders together to share experiences and knowledge about building food sovereignty in their own communities. The majority of the youth are leaders or promotores from CAN’s Food Security and

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