CAN has partnered with Grow Ahead, to invest in the future of farming. Please join us! Help us fund a farmer exchange where 70 collaborators will identify promising practices for broader implementation and implement learnings on identifying the effectiveness of diversification strategies. Farmers will be empowered to apply such learnings to farming systems with their communities, cooperative leaders will confidently include vetted diversification strategies in their strategic plans, and scientists and development practitioners will be prepared to accompany smallholder farmers as they integrate on-farm diversification strategies into their farming systems.

What will the funds cover?

The funds will cover an on-site knowledge exchange, which is a valuable way to learn and discuss farming practices. The budget will cover costs of meals, lodging, transportation, and documentation of the event for other farmers and collaborators, and most importantly, field visits. The latter will allow direct interaction in farmer’s fields, universities, and cooperative facilities where farmers will share their experiences and take part in ongoing practices.

Please support this work today. Campaign ends June 7, 2018.