Estelí, Las Segovias, Nicaragua

CII-ASDENIC is a non-governmental organization that has worked in northern Nicaragua for more than 20 years. It has focused its work in areas of strategic importance, including agricultural development, aquaculture, food security, and environmental protection.


The mission of Mesa Verde Gardens is to empower residents of Santa Cruz County – predominantly low-income, Latino residents living in the Pajaro Valley who lack space at home to grow anything – to meet their immediate, basic need for food security by co-creating organic edible community gardens.


Estelí, Las Segovias, Nicaragua

PRODECOOP is an economically and environmentally sustainable cooperative committed to gender and generational equality. It is committed to generating added value and offering more and better services to its members and it promotes a favorable environment for strategic alliances.

VIDA (Vinculacion y Desarrollo Agroecologico en Cafe A. C.)

Central Highlands of Veracruz, México

VIDA’s purpose is to promote social change by working together with families and communities to support the development of healthy lifestyles.

UCA San Ramón

San Ramón, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

UCA San Ramón’s purpose is to strengthen the potential of the member cooperatives, the male and female membership, and their families in order to facilitate the appropriation and development of their cooperative with equity and effective participation.

Tacuba, El Salvador

Tacuba and San Salvador, El Salvador

ASINDEC (Advising and Interdisciplinary Research for Local Development and Conservation) and ACOES (Association of Organic Coffee Farmers of
Western El Salvador) have a mission to inform, facilitate and support participatory local development processes in rural landscapes through interdisciplinary research and training, which integrates social, economic and ecological concerns.

Coordinadoras y Grupo de Familias de Agricultores

Agua Buena, Costa Rica

The organization’s purpose is to be a link between external groups, individuals, and the community for the purpose of managing activities or projects — whether economic, environmental, or social — that benefit the families with whom we work or other members of the community.