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August 28-30 Linda Lonquist, CAN’s project manager for CASSA, traveled to Mexico City to join more than 400 attendees at the 4th biannual W.K. Kellogg Foundation conference for the Foundation’s Mexican grantees. (CASSA was a 2-year Learning Community facilitated by CAN and its network partner, ECOSUR.) In addition to the

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Towards Dialogos de Saberes*: Sharing Knowledge for Food Systems Change

The Power of Storytelling Amid rows of spring mix, petite sprouts, and berry fields, farmworker communities in Watsonville continue to experience high uncertainty in accessing healthy food. Through their research with CAN, the Growing Justice Youth Team has shown that the high cost of housing and barriers to community safety exacerbate hunger and

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Congratulations to CAN-Affiliated Researchers on New Publication!

CAN-affiliated researchers (at ECOSUR) involved in the Learning Community for Food Security and Sovereignty (CASSA) project published an article, “Bringing agroecology to scale: key drivers and emblematic cases,” in the March issue of the journal Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems.


Agroecology as a transformative movement has gained momentum in many countries worldwide. In

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Growing Justice Project — Spring Roundup

CAN is proud to announce that Ashley Solis-Pavon was selected by the local community as the 2017 Santa Cruz NEXTies “Person under 18.”

Ashley Solis-Pavon, a member of CAN’s youth empowerment project, Growing Justice, was selected by the local community as the 2017 Santa Cruz NEXTies “Person under 18.” Ashley was

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Integrating Agroecology and Participatory Action Research (PAR): Lessons from Central America

New publication by CAN and Agroecology & Livelihoods Collaborative in Special Issue of Sustainability — Agroecology at the Crossroads: Challenges for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems 


The last decade has seen an increasing advancement and interest in the integration of agroecology and participatory action research (PAR). This article aims to: (1) analyze the key

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Ending Seasonal Hunger in Nicaragua

The documentary film, “Ending Seasonal Hunger in Nicaragua” explores food cultures, agroecological farming practices, and innovative solutions to improve diets and reduce seasonal hunger among smallholder coffee farming families in northern Nicaragua. It captures breathtaking tropical landscapes and the daily rhythms of rural life connected to Nicaragua’s rich history of struggle and solidarity. The film highlights

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River Park Garden: An Experimental Collaboratively Authored Film

Community Agroecology Network’s (CAN) Growing Justice youth team collaborated with seven University of California, Santa Cruz undergraduate students from Professor Emily Cohen Ibañez’s Visual Sociology class to produce a 20-minute film, the River Park Garden Film Collective documentary. Under the guidance of Cohen Ibañez, an award-winning professional filmmaker and anthropologist, the student team spent

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Student Project | Seed Saving Strategies in San Ramón, Nicaragua

Adriana Adriana with home stay mom, Dona Emelda, in La Reyna, San Ramon, Nicaragua

Adriana Murguia completed a senior internship documenting forms of seed saving as her senior exit for the Environmental Studies Major and Agroecology Concentration. To support her work, Adriana applied to a

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International Symposium on Agroecology for Food Security and Nutrition Final Report

“FAO held the International Symposium on Agroecology for Food Security and Nutrition at its headquarters in Rome on September 18 and 19, 2014. Approximately 400 people from 61 different countries (including Permanent Representatives and staff members of representations, FAO / IFAD / WFP staff members, their

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Women-Owned Café to Open in San Ramón, Nicaragua

CAN seeks to improve food security and sovereignty (FSS) in rural communities in Central America and Mexico. We promote a combination of strategies that aim to increase local availability and accessibility of diverse, nutritious foods, and improve the environment, but also to empower women as economic agents and providers in

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Explaining the “Hungry Farmer Paradox”

Most of the world’s food insecure people live in marginal rural environments. A recent study with coffee producers in northern Nicaragua’s highlands helps explain this “hungry farmer paradox.” These small-scale farmers experienced an average of three months of seasonal hunger over the year studied. Although cash income helped alleviate food scarcity, households

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Taste of La Pita

The Garcia-Díaz Family, La Pita, Nicaragua. Photo: Mara Nielsen The Garcia-Díaz Family, La Pita, Nicaragua. Photo: Mara Nielsen


In January 2014, Mara Nielsen took part in CAN’s International Field Study program and spent two weeks living with the Garcia-Díaz family in La Pita, Nicaragua. During

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Youth Leadership & Education for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Sovereignty

ANNUAL REPORT: Year 3 — March 1, 2013 – February 28, 2014

proud kids showing off vegetable plots

Through the Youth Leadership and Education for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Project, the Community Agroecology Network, in collaboration with our partner organizations the Union of Cooperatives San Ramón (UCA

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Food Security and Sovereignty in Las Segovias, Nicaragua

ANNUAL REPORT: Year 4 — November 1, 2012 – October 30, 2013


Through the Food Security and Sovereignty in Las Segovias Project the Community Agroecology Network (CAN), in collaboration with our partner organization PRODECOOP, RL, aims to improve food security and reduce seasonal hunger among 1500 smallholder

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