CAN Executive Director Roseann Cohen and Associate Director Heather Putnam traveled to Vermont to participate in a workshop that held from January 8-10, 2015. The workshop brought together three groups who have a vested interest and experience in working with small holder coffee producers in Latin America: direct and fair trade coffee roasters; non-profit organizations; and select researchers. The aim was to explore and develop specific plans for collaborations among these groups, including a “participatory action research (PAR) project that will address the questions and issues related to developing resilience to the impacts of climate change that are deemed to be of the highest priority by all groups.”

The workshop organizers (Liz Shapiro, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University; and Ernesto Mendez and Martha Caswell, ARLG, Univ. of Vermont) shared their thoughts on the workshop: “To say that we collectively achieved much in the time we had together is an understatement. It was a true pleasure and a joy to see folks with such diverse perspectives and strong opinions about the issues facing small holder coffee farmers so openly working to communicate, find common ground, and discover the questions that we could best come together to answer. We look forward to continuing these conversations, and in taking action together, in the weeks, months and years to come.”